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Free VAT number check Plugin on your web site

We have prepared new web module "VAT number check Plugin". Everyone can use it and insert it into any site.

General Terms and Conditions
To use "VAT number Plugin" you have to agree with our Terms and Conditions.

"VAT number check Plugin" is web application located on our server. So, you only need to insert a simple html code with iframe tag into your web site. We will send you url for iframe tag after the registration.

There are two options how to use "VAT number Plugin":

A ) For free - with commercials (advertisiment and banners)
B ) For fee 39.90 Eur / Month - no commercials

Proceed to registration

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VAT number check Plugin example

To use module VAT number Plugin, just insert this HTML code on your web site and replace the code:
<iframe src="[* enter your code here]" width='750' height='900'>
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
* you will receive your code after registration